Presented by:

Fuminobu Takeyama

from Japan openSUSE User Group

A package maintainer of the openSUSE M17N project since 2011. Developing packages related to input methods (e.g., IBus and Mozc) and Japanese fonts. As a member of Japan openSUSE User Group, organizing meetups, having seminars at OSS events, and publishing Geeko Magazine. openSUSE.Asia Organization Committee (2014-). openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 Tokyo Committee Chair.

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This session invites speakers from IaaS service providers.

Try openSUSE on IBM cloud

Speaker: Yasushi Osonoi

By using IBM cloud, you can try and use openSUSE. I will explain briefly about how to make it.

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A story until offering openSUSE on Sakura VPS

Speaker: Hikaru Ashino

SAKURA Internet Inc. is a company providing server hosting service and data center. Sakura VPS, a virtual server service by SAKURA Internet Inc., started openSUSE Leap 42.2 from November 11, 2016. In this session, I will talk about Sakura VPS and a story until offering openSUSE there.

2017 October 21 - 13:30
45 min
Room 1

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    2017 October 21 13:30

    Room 2

  3. Performance Analysis Tools For Linux Kernel
  4. Start Time:
    2017 October 21 13:30

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  5. OBS workshop
  6. Start Time:
    2017 October 21 13:30

    Workshop Space