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from SUSE China

I am working for SUSE China for over 9 years. Now I am working in L3 team helping customers to resolve issues happened in production environment. I am experienced in GNOME, GTK, X window, kdump, kernel, systemd, rpm packaging etc.

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Kdump is a kernel level dump function which is very useful to analyze the crash issue of a running system. If the kdump feature is enabled when a crash happens to a running kernel the system switches to another kernel which is normally loaded as a system service. The second kernel is called dump-capture kernel. kdump uses kexec for booting into the dump-capture kernel immediately after the kernel crash. After the dump-capture kernel running there should be a capture environment automatically save the memory to a file to a local file system or over network. In this talk I will show how to configure the kdump feature in openSUSE/SLE including the methods of storage configuration, how the kdump service works within systemd, what can be done when errors happen in the capture system and some details of implementation of the capture system. And there could be more about an automatic kdump service for a LAN if it is possible.

2017 October 21 - 14:15
30 min
Main Room

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