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Graduated from Niihama National College of Technology. Department of Information Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Ehime University dropped out the 4th year due to circumstances. After 5 years wandering, I could not give up my dream of being a system engineer and I started a business.

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I will explain booting the Linux kernel. The boot will prepare various things until OS is ready for use. Knowing the OS start-up, do not you feel like understanding somehow about computers? In fact, OS launch is closely related to computer architecture. If you treat the OS as a black box, technical skill as an engineer will not deepen, That is my opinion. Recently there are also jobs such as the front side of WEB, which is completed only the front side. No matter what anyone says, if you make a living by that, you don't need care about it. But, is it really a good idea? In the dawn of the computer, maybe people who are called OTAKU(geek or nerd) and smooth talker pulled and caused innovation. It is not a smart appearance like solving with only the front side, More dirty, sweaty, It seems that desires and complexes, ambition and pride and the like were mixed. So, I briefly outlined the OS booting, I would like to make a chance to become such a good geek!

2017 October 22 - 10:30
30 min
Workshop Space

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