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I'm Sunny from Beijing, and I'm working on SLED and Preload testing as SUSE QA manager. I'm looking forward to this openSUSE conference, meeting some genius from openSUSE community, learning new ideas and technologies. Meanwhile, I would like to talk with guys about how they hold openSUSE activities in their countries, then practice it in Beijing, even in China in the future.

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I joined SUSE from 2008 which was a start for me to much more get involved in open source community. I was one of members of hosting the first openSUSE.Asia Summit. We expected to spread open Source in Asia through this event and provide more oppertunities for Asia contributors to have a f2f community during the summit. My presentation is focusing on encouraging more people to get involve in open Source community and project. At the beginning of this topic, I will explain why open Source is an option of our life by sharing some stories, then we will analyse what blocks some people to join open Source community (e.g. Time, Technology, English, and so on) and think about if these factors really do matter. In the end, we will discuss how could we start as beginners. We would expect to see more new faces in open Source community in the future.

2017 October 21 - 16:45
30 min
Main Room

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