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You know? Japanese love Excel.They hope Ultimate Solution to Excel. "Excel Houganshi" is a most famous bad traditional technique in Japan.

I will explain how to break this tradition.

"Houganshi" is grid paper in Japanese. "Excel Houganshi" is the Excel Sheet that consists of an infinite square cell like grid paper. It's used like a tight grid paper.

Although "Excel Houganshi" is extremely inefficient to maintain, Japanese often use it to write documents like specifications, design in official with them. I think a lot of Japanese workers have more hard work than it used to be. because of them.

Originally Excel application is used calculation as usual. Don't you think so? However, We use Excel to write documents. What I want to say is why Japanese workers use Excel to write them. and keep like strange tradition. What do you think of them? I will talk about them.

We make efforts to maintain documents written by Excel. But we have one problem. The problem is when we print them, one of the printing positions deviate frequently. we use a lot of time to adjust printing position if it makes happened

So, use Word or Text Editor, it's much better to use. It's just crazy! "Attack on Excel Houganshi"! I hope we will not use them in Japan.

2017 October 22 - 14:30
30 min
Main Room
LibreOffice mini Conference
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