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Hello, i'm 17 years old. And a student at Vocational high school 1 Bekasi.

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Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmin to build, ship, and run distributed application. Docker is used container to run the application, Docker is very light and easy to use. When first using Docker, I think Docker is only text Based/CLI. until I found tutorial docker can be managed using GUI not, So developers or sysadmin can manage docker like add image, run container, manage a network, delete an image, delete a container, etc easily, So it can save time. for example, Docker can be managed with GUI by Shipyard,, etc. Shipyard and portainer used a web GUI, that developers manage docker from a browser. I choose to discuss "Getting started using the Docker GUI" because maybe many beginners like me who do not know this, And think if Docker can only be managed using CLI. in this presentation, i will share about how to manage docker using GUI on openSUSE.

15 min