Presented by:

Yan Arief

from openSUSE Indonesia

I am an linux and FOSS enthusiast, I live in Yogyakarta - Indonesia. I started using openSUSE since 2006.

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openSUSE ID Translators Team uses telegram to coordinate and communicate. Currently, there are 19 translators and around one hundred translation projects that we are working on, and we need a tool to facilitate the recording of translator activities and to display the on-going project. We have created a Telegram bot as a solution for these needs. The advantages of using the Telegram bot, among others, are easy to be integrated into the telegram group, easy to build using various programming languages, and easy to use.

The bot is built using python as the programming language and MySQL for the database. Bot Backend was installed on the server of Indonesian openSUSE community. The bot that we built has the feature to record and save the projects that have been worked on by the translators, and English-Indonesian dictionary for frequently used technical vocabulary. In order to register the telegram bot, a message was sent to the telegram BotFather account to get the HTTP API token and also to register the commands in the bot.

The examples of the commands: (/start) – for welcome message, (/translators) – for the list of translators with the project that they are working on, (/proyektranslasi @tgusername=project) – for saving the translation projects, (/kamus word) – for Indonesia - English dictionary.

In this talk, we will explain the steps in creating a telegram bot from scratch using python programming language, and in registering the bot in BotFather, and in testing the application.

2017 October 22 - 11:15
30 min
Room 1

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