Presented by:

Ludwig Nussel

from SUSE

Ludwig Nussel is an operating system engineer in the future technologies team at SUSE

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With Tumbleweed as the bleeding edge distribution, openSUSE Leap complements openSUSE's offering with stable distribution SUSE Linux Enterprise. It started with Leap 42.1 based on SLE 12 SP1. With 42.3 based on SLE12 SP3 Leap 42 reached the final version based on SLE12. The next version of Leap will be based on SLE15 and be called Leap 15 to align with the version number. At the time of the openSUSE Asia Summit development of Leap 15 will already have started and in fact will be in the middle of the development as the release is aiming for March 2018. Just like with 42.3 a rolling development model will be used for Leap 15, allowing to publish snapshots as soon as ready, so testers do not have to wait for specific alpha or beta versions.

This task will explain the roadmap to Leap 15, upcoming features as well as the development process.

2017 October 21 - 11:30
30 min
Main Room