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Tittle: "National Digital Signature : Burden or Needs" Keynote speaker : Riki Arif Gunawan From: Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Republic of Indonesia. Ministry of Communication and Information Technology is government ministry that responsible for communication and information technology affairs in Indonesia. The ministry is responsible to President and led by a minister.

"Transaction are easily to manipulate. So how can we trust this digital form? Digital Certificate is one of the solution to provide a guarantee and trust to digital world. However using digital certificate will bring more effort to user and changing their behavior which is not easy. On the other hand, digital signature also give legal protection and security features that are needed for the customer. Indonesian government will implement digital signature for national digital identity very soon, as it was mention at article 11 - Law No.11/2008. Government is also plan to implement digital signature using independent resources which are open source technology, international standard, and local human resources."

2016 October 1 - 10:15
1 h
Convention Hall