Presented by:

Siska Iskandar

from GNOME Foundation Member

From last couple years, I’ve been focused for help and contribute on awareness of women in technology especially in Open Source. One of my concern is the housewives and motherhood, the very base user in technology. We help them by teach and introduce them to newest technology or the explain the nearest technology around them.

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Women serve as half of society; and it should be obvious that society will developed better if everyone works together to help women empowerment.

Being a housewife, for some people, is concerning because they would never expect anyone else to support them. One of their major concerns expressed was that of not being able to use and keep up with the world of Open Source, specifically using openSUSE. However, we accept this challenge. We encourage housewives and mothers by relying on actions. We help women of digital immigrants to have basic skills of using this openSUSE on their daily basis.

FOSS stands for Free and Open Source Software. Thus, the main reason I developed this movement is that because currently, not many people are dipping into Free and Open Source Software, especially in terms of using it to empower women. In the view of technology is created for everyone, including women, motherhood and housewives. I believe, they have the rights to know not only what FOSS is but also FOSS point as well.

This movement start with a simple move.The community are already begun and had their main schedule. The advantage is before it is started, should participate in their community events. It indeed needs a hard work to managed accordingly as a student in university and all of them as a housewives. One thing about be associated with housewives is that you might have to take care of their children too! However, I consider that as the best part of being in this community. This movement takes a place in Nologaten 01/04, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

This talks cover the step of approaching a local community to start use openSUSE as well as use it on daily basis, the struggle of housewive and motherhood with no experience in openSUSE at all, and their progress to be familiar with openSUSE.

2016 October 2 - 14:45
30 min
Convention Hall

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