Presented by:

Rahman Yusri Aftian

from BlankOn

I belong to those who step out of line education, hobbies take me to the field of IT, however I managed to bring BlankOn Linux Release 6-8, which is Code name Ombilin, Pattimura, Rote. This was my penchant for bringing me to fall into the field of IT, and struggling in their daily lives.

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BlankOn(1) is an Debian-based distribution developed by the Indonesian Linux Mover Foundation and BlankOn developer team since 2014. It is an Indonesian distribution that includes a variety of software that is widely used by consumers in general, such as office programs, financial applications, Internet applications, drawing (both vector and bitmap), support for various multimedia file formats, as well as other interesting programs.

BlankOn uses manokwari(2) a shell as the default desktop , it makes BlankOn different from other distributions.

BlankOn package ( .deb ) is built using pbuilder and automated by application called IRGSH ( Ir. Robot Gedek , SH )(3) on Debian based distribution.

I offered to developers for using pbuilder above BlankOn at openSUSE, of course, not new in terms of pbuilder, but provides an alternative to the developers of BlankOn that uses opensuse to be able to bundle applications.

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2016 October 2 - 10:45
30 min
FST 102

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