Presented by:

Fuminobu Takeyama

from Japan openSUSE User Group

A package maintainer of the openSUSE M17N project since 2011. Developing packages related to input methods (e.g., IBus and Mozc) and Japanese fonts. As a member of Japan openSUSE User Group, organizing meetups, having seminars at OSS events, and publishing Geeko Magazine. openSUSE.Asia Organization Committee (2014-). openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 Tokyo Committee Chair.

The openSUSE community is always searching for new contributors -- people taking efforts for openSUSE. In this talk, I will show you a quick guide to the contribution. It consists of the topics.

(1) Bug reporting is what you should do when you encounter a bug. In order to fix the bug, it is important to tell enough information to responsible developers.

(2) Packaging is creating RPM packages from source code and distributing them to users so that they can easily install various applications shipped with openSUSE. This topic includes how to use open build service to update existing packages.

(3) Translation of Application is important for users who use a language other than English. Due to useful translation tools, you can contribute openSUSE or OSS even if you cannot write code.

(4) Marketing is simply spreading openSUSE. I will introduce activities of the openSUSE community in Japan.

I will explain those topics from the view of an Asian developer.

2016 October 2 - 15:15
30 min
Convention Hall

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