Presented by:

Utian Ayuba

from GNU/Linux Bogor, openSUSE Indonesia

Co-founder of GNU/Linux Bogor Indonesia (Linux User Group), Supporter of openSUSE Leap

Ceph Storage Cluster can provide Ceph Filesystem, Object Storage and/or Block Device services to Cloud Platform. Ceph Storage Cluster become more popular because it offer flexibility and reliability for any storage purpose. This workshop will guide participants to deploy Ceph Block Device on Ceph Storage Cluster and intergrate it with OpenStack Services (Glance, Cinder, Nova). At the end of workshop participants will see how Ceph Block Device is used as a storage of OpenStack images, how to attach Ceph Block Device volume to running instances (VMs) and how to boot an instance from Ceph Block Device volume. The workshop will use openSUSE as a Ceph Storage Cluster nodes and OpenStack nodes. Release versions that will be used in this workshop are openSUSE Leap 42, Ceph Jewel and OpenStack Mitaka (using DevStack).

2016 September 30 - 09:00
3 h
LAB Database