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Study Area (SA) was co-founded by lman, V.Bird and Netman in 1999. SA is aimed at an online IT Learning Center so that novices have a place to find the answers and experts have a place to share knowledge, ranged from networking, programming, web development, database knowledge, Linux, etc.

Study Area has spends a lot of time to promote free and open source software in the country by holding events every month in Taipei and Tainan. Enthusiasts gather members from every corner to meet, learn and share experience and knowledge.

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(1) Study-Area

(2) SA Forum

(3) SA IRC Channel + /#study-area

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Netman, 臺灣酷學園(Study-Area)創辦人之一兼終身苦力成員。自以推廣自由軟體及分享技術爲樂並長年致力於Linux技術傳播。 1. HA Cluster 簡介 2. 基礎環境準備 3. ISCSI 建置 4. HA Cluster 基本部署 5. OCFS2 建置 6. Apache 建置

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