Presented by:

M. Edwin Zakaria

from openSUSE, openSUSE Indonesia

openSUSE user from Indonesia, Co-admin of Indonesian openSUSE Community website ( and community repository ( I'm happy that openSUSE Indonesia Community still alive and well with around 4000 facebook group register members.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

Yogyakarta province in Indonesia decided to use openSUSE Linux for computer lab in 2009. The implementation started on 2010 and should be finished on 2014. There are 500 schools involved in this activity, which is selected from around 2200 elementary and junior-high schools. It consists of 300 elementary schools and 200 junior-high schools. I will present the challenges and how we approach it. Long story short, we start with selection of pilot schools, prepare the examples of learning materials, made a data centre for hosting the learning material, and train the teacher on how to make the learning material so they can produce it by themselves. We use SLES 11 SP1 on data centre and openSUSE-Li-f-e 12.3 on all PC labs. The work was distributed into 5 years of implementation so we have time to improve it within that time span. Video will talk the story better so I will present also a short movie for my presentation. Hopefully we can discuss and exchange the similar experience among the openSUSE user across Asia.

2015 December 5 - 13:30
1 h

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