Presented by:

Hans de Raad

from OpenNovations

Independent consultant, open-source enthusiast (openSUSE, Drupal, etc). Also a big classical music lover (artistic manager of the Huygensfestival in Voorburg, supporter of several international chamber music festivals in/around The Hague, The Netherlands). One of my companies basic philosophies is, if open-source provides you with a stable revenue (thank you, 10x), you should do something in return. So my company donates 10% of its annual profit to one of the projects we've been using that year. This contribution can also be by providing help, i.e. in 2015 I was project lead and organizer for openSUSE conference in The Hague!

On behalf of Aaron Seigo, Georg Greve and the other Kolabians here you are all invited to a special super secret Kolab Announcement in openSUSE Main room!

Thanks to the flexibility and open mindedness of the great openSUSE Community Kolab is welcoming you to come to a very special super secret project in the openSUSE Main room.

The social event will start after this session!

Again this is in the openSUSE Main room but in the Kolab Main room!

The social event for sunday will start after this session.

2015 May 3 - 17:00
1 h
Main hall
openSUSE Conference
Kolab Summit