Presented by:

Hans de Raad

from OpenNovations

Independent consultant, open-source enthusiast (openSUSE, Drupal, etc). Also a big classical music lover (artistic manager of the Huygensfestival in Voorburg, supporter of several international chamber music festivals in/around The Hague, The Netherlands). One of my companies basic philosophies is, if open-source provides you with a stable revenue (thank you, 10x), you should do something in return. So my company donates 10% of its annual profit to one of the projects we've been using that year. This contribution can also be by providing help, i.e. in 2015 I was project lead and organizer for openSUSE conference in The Hague!

In the last six months LibreOffice has launched on a host of new platforms making it available more widely than ever before. Come and see demos of the brand new Android editor prototype, the just-announced LibreOffice Online, and hear what major under-the-hood changes are making these new apps possible. Not a pixel-pusher? Be introduced to LibreOfficeKit -- the lean, mean, API-accessible machine that's just been revamped for mobile deployment.

Michael explains where LibreOffice is heading as our thousand-strong community charters unknown waters (and devices), and how you can be part of the world's most popular productivity suite serving over 80 million users. In short: come along, get involved, and participate in what may be the most "productive" Free Software project on earth.

2015 May 2 - 10:00
30 min
Main hall
openSUSE Conference
Community, collaboration and Cooperation

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