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In an entrepreneurial career Robin Edgar has lead many projects for customers ranging from multinational stock exchange listed companies to small and medium sized business.

Currently, Robin Edgar consultings on organisational structures and strategy as well as IT projects, holding workshops on IT security for upper management as well as writing a book to motivate people to think about their careers. Guiding listed multinationals and smaller or mid-sized organisations, Robin Edgar is able to implement a clear structure and strategy in all levels of an organisation. By doing so, his goal is to increase efficiency, resulting in growth.

With a strong international background, Robin Edgar has been exposed to many different cultures from a very early age. This has affected his views on life and interactions with others, creating a flexible approach to understanding differing points of view and ways of achieving results.

He has also recently become a pilot.

After years of visiting LAN parties and similar geek events Elger decided to help nerd and geek organizations. This was home, it made him happy. Building communities has been one of his main challenges: getting the right people together to do great things. It appears to be very difficult, and even more so if you are a geek.

In this talk Elger will showcase lessons learned of his travels in building communities of geeks and nerds.

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2015 May 1 - 11:30
30 min
Main hall
openSUSE Conference
Business and Outcome track