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Markus Feilner

from Team Lead SUSE Doc Team

Markus Feilner is a seasoned Linux expert from Regensburg, Germany. He has been working with free and open source software since 1994, as a trainer, consultant, author and journalist. The Conch diplomat, Minister of the Universal Life Church, Jedi Knight and owner of lunar property is currently works as Team Lead of the SUSE Documentation Team in N├╝rnberg. He is constantly publishing for a variety of international magazines. You can find his profile here:

You know what's cool about OpenSUSE and SUSE? Okay, a lot. We're green. Yeah. And we're not only doing good things, but we're also talking about it. Expect several striking sensational new and sentimental announcements in this keynote about good things that are happening right now.

[Spoiler!] First, the former Linux-Magazin journalist Feilner (yours truly) is now team lead of SUSE Documentation team. Yay! He will have a look at two millenia of green Linux history, from the S.u.S.E museum to the newest source code in the Open Build Service. No, not really. At least some funny pictures, odd and old software and new buzzwords he will provide. Doesn't that sound good?

TL;DR: Want to hear about good and new things? Come to The Hague!

2015 May 1 - 09:30
30 min
Main hall
openSUSE Conference

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    2015 May 1 09:00

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