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Michael Schloh von Bennewitz is a computer scientist specializing in network engineering and mobile platform development. A long time OpenSUSE user and developer, Michael has introduced OpenSUSE RPM technology in the telecom industry as well as nurturing community software based on it. Fluent in four languages, Michael speaks at technical events every year. He has presented for companies and groups including Cable & Wireless, Nokia (Qt), the Linux Foundation (Tizen), CampJS, ClueCon, AstriCon, Opensource Treffen, and the Mobile World Congress. Michael's speaking style is humorous, using gestures and good eye contact. Michael's IoT knowlege profits from years of work at telecoms and relationships with industry groups, and he is an Intel Influencer with the mandate to promote IoT technology. Additional information is found at

Proxy bridging, tunneling, and routing are some of the most useful and least understood networking techniques that novice users can leverage in their daily work. We'll consider use cases for connecting OpenSUSE clients over SOCKS5 proxies generically as well as examine the topic of cross platform client anonymization and how the onion router achieves a high degree of communications protection by combining a number of concepts like random relaying, bridging obstacles, encryption, browser lockdown, pluggable transport, and obfuscation techniques.

As users, we'll see how proxy technology can safeguard personal data and return us to the free world. As developers, we'll consider use cases integrating Tor libraries and modules as well as administrators choosing the right pluggable transports. We'll see how easy it is for attorneys, doctors, patients, law enforcement, and even novice geekos to use proxy connectivity to increase security and productivity in daily work.

2015 May 2 - 16:30
30 min
Second room
openSUSE Conference

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