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Jos Weyers (@josweyers) is a world-record holder in the field of lock impressioning and a mainstay participant at LockSport events around the world. A long-time member of TOOOL in the Netherlands and a key figure at the Hack42 hackerspace in Arnhem, Jos recently became the Vice-President of and now helps to oversee that organization and the LockCon conference. Most people know him as the Dutch Kilt guy.

A password shouldn’t be on a post-it note. In plain view. On the console. The password to a locked door is called a key. So if a reporter wants to get the point across that certain people shouldn't have access to a particular key, would it be wise for said reporter to show that key to the world? This talk will show how not to run this story, why we should care and maybe make you rethink your physical security a bit.

2015 May 1 - 17:45
30 min
Main hall
openSUSE Conference
Development, Technology & Security