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Christian Boltz is a long-term openSUSE contributor, starting with lots of bugreports in the time when it was still named 'SUSE Linux". Nowadays, he maintains the AppArmor and PostfixAdmin packages, including lots of upstream contributions to those projects. He is also one of the founders of the openSUSE Heroes.

PostfixAdmin is a webinterface to manage your mailserver and can manage things like domains, mailboxes and aliases. Besides that, the admin can allow the users to administrate their mailbox or domain - which means the admin can relax ;-)

The webinterface is only half of the truth: PostfixAdmin 3.0 comes with a Commandline client ("CLI") which can be used to create, edit or delete everything you can in the Webinterface. The CLI can be used in interactive mode or from a script with parameters.

Behind the scenes, 3.0 got a nearly full code rewrite. Changing or extending something are now easily possible without changing something in the "official" code. For example you can add an additional field with 5 lines of code, which is then automatically available in the webinterface and the CLI. A custom module is possible with 100 to 150 lines of code - with that, you can manage everything, not only mails.

The talk gives an overview on the webinterface and the CLI and shows how you can easily add a field. Finally I'll show how to integrate PostfixAdmin in the postfix configuration.

2015 May 2 - 15:00
30 min
Second room
openSUSE Conference
Development, Technology & Security

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