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Took over the role as Architect for the SLE HA Extension at SUSE early in 2016, and a senior developer in the HA team. Active in the HA community as the maintainer of crmsh and hawk, and one of the maintainers of resource-agents. He works from his home office on the east coast of Sweden, an office he shares with four cats. He is also one of three co-hosts of Kodsnack, a swedish language programming podcast.

Hawk is a cluster configuration and management tool implemented as a Ruby on Rails app which runs on Linux HA clusters. It includes features for monitoring clusters, configuring new cluster resources, simulating changes to the cluster, setting up access control lists and more. This session is an introduction to High Availability clusters in general, focusing on using the Hawk web interface to interact with a cluster, modify resources, and using its history explorer feature to quickly figure out what has happened based on cluster events and logs.

2015 May 2 - 11:30
30 min
Second room
openSUSE Conference
Development, Technology & Security

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