Presented by:

Gábor Nyers

from Trebut Solutions

Gábor is a long time user and advocate of Linux and Open Source Software. As an independent Linux server infrastructure expert he enjoys working with customers committed to increase operational excellence by turning mundane administrative effort into the ability to innovate. In numerous roles ranging from operations, architecture and technical project management, he has over 15 years of experience in large enterprise data centers. He is an active member of the Dutch openSUSE community where he helps organizing local events.

While probably the most prominent, Docker is not the only tool for building and managing containers. Originally meant to be a "chroot on steroids" to help debug systemd, systemd-nspawn provides a fairly uncomplicated approach to work with containers. Being part of systemd, it is available on most recent distributions out-of-the-box and requires no additional dependencies.

This talk will introduce the concepts involved in containers and will guide you through the steps of building a container from scratch. The payload will be a simple service, which will be automatically activated by systemd when the first request arrives.

2015 May 1 - 14:45
1 h
Second room
openSUSE Conference
Development, Technology & Security
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