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from SUSE

As member of the ISV Engineering team I am the Public Cloud Architect and the Tech Lead for the SUSE-IBM Software Integration Center. In addition to working with the IBM software group I assist other ISVs with respect to Integrated Systems and technical questions related to SUSE Linux.

Away from ISV Engineering I am an openSUSE Board member, I contribute to the KIWI project, openSUSE, a number of other open source cloud related projects, and am an active member of the LSB work group.

The openSUSE Board would like to welcome all attendees to The Hague and oSC15.

The new openSUSE Board is looking forward to welcoming everyone to the openSUSE Conference. With a look back and a look ahead we will invite others to join us on stage to show how under the theme of "Flexibility through diversity" we work together around the globe to keep the openSUSE heart beating. In 2014 the first openSUSE event in Asia took place, booth boxes started shipping, Factory and Tumbleweed merged to create a rolling release. The recently concluded board meeting will have generated plenty of forward looking ideas to present.

Join the openSUSE Board in this session to open oSC15.

2015 May 2 - 09:15
30 min
Main hall
openSUSE Conference
Project & OSS Leadership