Presented by:

Patrick Fitzgerald

from Required Magic Limited

Patrick's original background was in the film industry, were he worked for 8 years as a Special Effects technician. But since he started programming at age 14, he's overlaid that with 30+ Years in technology, with at least 15+ years with working with Linux.

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Avahi: free configuration for your network service. _(Live demo included)

If you've wondered how your Desktop Linux machine "discovers" items on your network, such as printers and file shares, this session will explain Avahi: the network service advertises resources across a LAN.

The open source version of Apple's Bonjour/Zeroconf, is a very flexible way to enable discovery of services.

We'll discuss how we used it in our deployment tooling , and we will demonstrate how to craft a configuration to discover custom resources for consumption by client software - enabling a true zero touch service installation.

Basic networking and python knowledge advantageous, but not essential.

2021 June 19 - 14:15
45 min
Stage 1
Open Source

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