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Technical documentation is like the box of bandages in your bathroom cupboard: you don't know it exists unless you actually need it. And as it happens, it's when you need it the most that you find it half empty...

In this presentation we tell you everything you didn't know you wanted to know about the openSUSE documentation. You'll embark on a journey into the wild, from luxurious wikis to austere source-control platforms, where we'll try to widen your eyes on the importance of a central frame of reference, and on the numerous challenges standing in the way of discoverability and user-friendliness in the extremely rich and ever-evolving ecosystem of the openSUSE distributions. You'll be walked through the front line between users eager for technical facts and users eager for best-practices, and told about our approach, our ideas, and why you could actually have fun contributing.

This talk is proposed by Attila Pinter ( and Adrien Glauser (

2021 June 19 - 08:30
30 min
Stage 2

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    2021 June 19 08:30

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