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Bonnie Mehring works as Junior Project Manager at the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). She manages various teams and activities and represents the FSFE at international conferences with booths and talks. She loves to get in contact with technical communities through joint campaigns and workshops. Bonnie takes part in the “Public Money? Public Code!” Initiative and there works on getting people involved on a local level. She is co-host of the FSFE's Software Freedom Podcast in which she already interviewed numerous experts and pioneers of the Free Software community.

Do you want to promote Free Software in public administrations? Then the campaign framework of "Public Money? Public Code!" might be the right choice for you; no matter if you want to do it as an individual or as a group; if you have a small or large time budget.

More than 200 organisations, and more than 29,000 individuals demand that publicly financed software should be made publicly available under Free Software licenses. Together we contacted politicians, decision makers, and civil servants on all levels -- from the European Union and national governments, to city mayors and the heads of public libraries about this demand. This did not just lead to important discussions about software freedom with decision makers, but also already to specific policy changes. Already, we have administrations from Spain, Sweden and Germany supporting “Public Money? Public Code!”.

In the talk, I will explain how the campaign framework can be used to push for the adoption of Free Software friendly policies in your area; be it your public administration, your library, your university, your city, your region, or your country.

2021 June 18 - 12:00
30 min
Stage 2
Open Source