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The Fedora Project has been a diverse project since its advent. Fedora has been shipping Workstations, Servers, Cloud, and IoT operating systems as well as many more amazing things to engage developers, users, and innovators worldwide. In earlier years, Fedora outreach was primarily executed by a group of people referred to as Fedora Ambassadors. The Ambassador Program has had many success stories of community growth during its 15+ year history. However, as time moved on the program began to grow, but not scale and adapt. Different bodies of governance within Fedora had different ideas of how things should be run. With no scalability, participation in the program declined. This year, we see a pandemic sweeping across the globe and all events have gone virtual. There has been no better time to revamp the Fedora Ambassadors program, as well as the entirety of Fedora’s Community Outreach teams. The Fedora Action Impact Coordinator, Marie Nordin, created a team formulated of two co-leads, Mariana Balla and Sumantro Mukherjee, and a group of volunteers (Temporary Task Force (TTF)). This team will work to address the historical pain points, create a new vision for community outreach in 2020, and re-engage the various teams & the Fedora community. Attendees of this talk will learn about how we got here, how we came up with a proposal for change, and how it is being executed. We welcome anyone interested in Fedora, community, and outreach. Attendees can get insights into the Fedora Ambassador overhaul, learn how to get involved, and give constructive suggestions to help the Community Outreach Revamp succeed.

2021 June 18 - 16:30
30 min
Stage 2
Open Source