Presented by:

Matthias Kirschner

from Free Software Foundation Europe

Matthias Kirschner is President of Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). Matthias helps other organisations, companies, and public administrations to understand how they can benefit from Free Software — which gives everybody the rights to use, study, share, and improve software — and how those rights help to support freedom of speech, press, and privacy.

He serves on the advisory boards of different Free Software organisations, has been a consultant for public bodies and other committees, and regularly gives interviews, lectures, or participates in panel discussions about software freedom and the technical distribution of power in a democratic society.

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"Public Money? Public Code!", Router Freedom, Radio Equipment Directive, simple help with licensing, or Free Your Android. These are some of the activities with which the Free Software Foundation Europe has been working since 2001 to empower users to control technology. The talk will give a short overview of the work of the FSFE, with some examples from the areas of: public awareness, policy work and legal work on Free Software (Open Source). On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Free Software Foundation Europe, this talks helps you better understand the FSFE's work as an independent organisation and how to get involved.

2021 June 19 - 11:00
30 min
Stage 1

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    2021 June 19 11:00

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