Presented by:

Russ Pavlicek

from Citrix Systems; Xen Project

Russell Pavlicek has been a speaker at over 50 Open Source conferences in the past 14 years. A Linux user since 1995, he was an Open Source columnist for Infoworld and Processor magazines, as well as a former panelist on The Linux Show weekly webcast. He authored one of the first books about Open Source, "Embracing Insanity: Open Source Software Development." He is currently employed by Citrix Systems as an Evangelist for the Xen Project.

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It is no accident that Xen software powers some of the largest Clouds in existence. From its outset, the Xen Project was intended to enable what we now call Cloud Computing. This session will explore how the Xen Architecture addresses the needs of the Cloud in ways which facilitate security, throughput, and agility. It will also cover some of the hot new developments of the Xen Project. Anyone dealing with Clouds or virtualization will benefit from attending. Attendees will learn why the Xen Hypervisor, included in openSUSE, brings unique value to Clouds and why it deserves consideration when creating a Cloud architecture.

2013 November 17 - 10:45
50 min
openSUSE Summit

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    2013 November 17 10:15