Presented by:

Lars Vogdt

from Team lead of the DevOPS team at SUSE

Lars works now since more than 15 years for the SUSE Linux GmbH and is currently the leader of the BuildOPS team inside SUSE.

Together with his team he is responsible for the backend development of the Open Build Service, the Package HUB project, internal package reviews, product creation and the build service infrastructure.

By maintaining more than 900 packages inside the openSUSE Build Service, he is most of the time busy with fixing bugs, reviewing sources and responding to community requests. Beside this, his current focus is the monitoring of the available OBS infrastructure and the availability of the provided services at all.

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Providing an overview about the hardware, the software, the team and the policies behind the openSUSE infrastructure. If you ever want to know how many servers and administrators are needed to provide the current amount of services that keep the openSUSE distribution alive and the community connectect, this might be one of the main sessions you like to attend.

2013 November 15 - 16:15
30 min
openSUSE Summit

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    2013 November 15 16:15