Presented by:

Guillaume Gardet

from ARM

I’ve been using SUSE/openSUSE since 2005, firstly on my x86 home computer. I started to contribute to French translation of software, to the wiki and help for support on forums and mailing-list. When openSUSE started to work on ARM, I jumped in to help out and started to learn how OBS works and contributed to packages bootstrap and update. As I had/have couples of ARM boards/systems, I make them working with openSUSE. Now, I am working to get and keep ARM (aarch64) a 1st class citizen on openSUSE, which involves OBS works, but also openQA for in-depth testing!

No video of the event yet, sorry!

This talk will give an overview of what happens since about a year for openSUSE on ARM. What is the current status and what is on the TODO list.


2019 April 6 - 10:00
45 min
openSUSE Summit Room / Midtown 3
openSUSE/open source