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Don Vosburg is a Sales Engineer at SUSE, where he has been employed since 2003. He has been a technical resource and speaker on a variety of open source topics over the last 15-plus years. His enthusiasm, depth of knowledge, and communication skills have been shown at venues like SUSECon, LinuxCon, Ohio LinuxFest, Flourish, and elsewhere. Don lives in Anderson, Indiana with his wife, Diane.

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Can openSUSE really deliver Active Directory services? Yes! A school in Indiana USA implemented Samba4 AD on openSUSE over the 2018 holiday season! Come and find out how it was designed and implemented - from directory servers to cluster to file shares - on openSUSE Leap. This network is now in production with 16 Linux servers, 200 Windows domain computers, and hundreds of Chromebook clients. We will look at the samba versions delivered, and analyze configurations used. A live demo of the network will follow the presentation, and plenty of time will be available for questions. The slides for this talk are available at

2019 April 6 - 11:00
45 min
openSUSE Summit Room / Midtown 3
openSUSE/open source