Presented by:

Adam Spiers

from SUSE

Adam Spiers is a Senior Software Engineer at SUSE, working on OpenStack, Pacemaker, Chef and Crowbar. He has been a passionate supporter and developer of F/OSS since 1995, with a particular interest in automation. For the last 12 years his professional focus has been on Linux-oriented enterprise technologies in the data center. He holds a degree in Mathematics and Computation from Oxford University, and currently lives and works in London, UK.

Adam juggles his IT career with a long-running parallel career as a musician, a (less successful) pre-occupation with marathons and triathlons, and occasionally also juggles balls, clubs, and fire.

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Have you ever tried to port code between git branches and found it's more complicated than simple cherry-picking? Or have you ever found yourself working concurrently on multiple features/fixes within the same git repository, and struggled to maintain clean topic branches for each strand of work?

This talk will introduce the following git tools and demonstrate how they can be used to help with these and other development workflow challenges:

  • git-deps - a tool for performing automatic analysis and visualisation of dependencies between commits in a repository

  • git-explode - a tool for automatically exploding a single branch into independent topic branches based on dependencies between commits

  • git-splice, git-transplant - more tools for simplifying branch surgery

Whether you are a new or experienced git user, you'll walk away from this talk with a handy set of tools that reduce menial and repetitive tasks, and an increased awareness of the possibilities for automating higher-level workflows in git.

2019 April 6 - 09:00
45 min
openSUSE Summit Room / Midtown 3
openSUSE/open source