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Marco Varlese is a software engineer at SUSE working on networking technologies focused on NFV. He is a committer for the ( project, author and maintainer of the GENEVE tunnel and SCTP protocol stack implementations. He is co-maintainer for the openSUSE DPDK, VPP and ODP package. Prior to his current role, Marco was a software architect at Intel where he focused on networking technologies, hardware acceleration for NFV workloads and IoT.

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The presentation introduces how standard networking works on Linux to fast-move on how modern solutions are taking advantage of kernel-by-pass technologies, hardware offloading and smart NICs programmability (e.g. eBPF / XDP / P4) to increase throughput and reduce latency of packets processing. The presentation introduces some of the design reasoning behind DPDK (and others), e.g. hugepages usage, core affinitization, polling vs batching vs interrupt-driven, prefetching and lock-free data structures.

2019 April 5 - 12:30
45 min
openSUSE Summit Room / Midtown 3
openSUSE/open source