Presented by:

João Cavalheiro

from SUSE

I am an Engineering Manager, working for SUSE. I am interested in topics like decision making, strategy, and philosophy, and importantly, a good work-life balance with time to have fun.

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IT Infrastructures tend to be expensive, fragile, and to burn faster when they are not monitored. On this talk, we will present how to use Prometheus and Grafana as building blocks, and Uyuni as a way to automate its configuration.

Uyuni is an open-source solution for infrastructure management that serves as the upstream project for SUSE Manager. Prometheus enables whitebox monitoring on dynamic and/or Cloud environments, and with its powerful query language, PromQL, it is able to do vector-based calculations - similar to the ones you can do in a spreadsheet, and comprehensive time series processing. Grafana will let you create complex graphs like histograms and heat-maps, and design usable and good-looking dashboards on the fly.

We will go through the setup and configuration of our monitoring stack and explain how Uyuni can help you automating part of that process. We will also share how we are using it ourselves in our development infrastructure and how that is helping us disclosing issues and making our open source projects even better.

2019 April 5 - 16:00
45 min
openSUSE Summit Room / Midtown 3
openSUSE/open source