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With a typical workflow for adding computer applications, an administrator searches for an existing server compatible with the application, adds the new application and relies on the server administrator to maintain operating system updates, backups, and application updates. A stable, proven workflow, the server is nurtured until the hardware is no longer compatible.

SUSE Open Build Service provides an agile alternative where users can create system images before execution starts on servers. Operating systems and applications are installed, configured, and updated in images following a process that can be nurtured over time and can include testing when the image is executed. For CI/CD, images can be updated and tested on a regular basis, maybe daily, with images moved to production when convenient or beneficial from new features or improved metics. OBS is available on the web or can run locally, even on a laptop and can even create containers for solutions.

This session uses SUSE Open Build Service to build and test a new image with a mariadb server. SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8 boots the image both virtually and on bare metal to investigate the images and test results. Changes are made to the build process to the image and the results are again investigated. Finally, the nurtured process creates a Docker container, also launched from SOC 8 for comparison to the other two results.


Brian Payton is a thirty-three veteran of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, starting with Cray Research in 1985 and working on distributed computing environments since 1996. Brian is responsible for validating the HPE SuperDome Flex server in cloud and virtualization environments and finding opportunities to exploit SuperDome Flex features.

2019 April 6 - 13:00
45 min
openSUSE Summit Room / Midtown 3
openSUSE/open source