Presented by:

Muhammet Kara

from Collabora

LibreOffice (developer, translator, marketer) contributor who is proudly working for Collabora as a developer, as part of their LibreOffice developers team. He has been involved with LibreOffice since 2016, and is a LibreOffice certified developer, and a deputy member of TDF Membership Committee. He mostly works on the UI of LibreOffice core & online, along with integrations for various cloud solutions, and tries to mentor new developer candidates on occasion.

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We have recently released a big step in improving Collabora (thus LibreOffice) Online installability for home users. A large barrier to liberating the documents of home-users, eager to take advantage of our privacy and ease of use, was the complexity of installing the solution by following the path of getting certificates, configuring web server proxies, port numbers, and so on. We set about adding easy-to-setup Demo Servers for users - but of course, people want to use their own hardware and not let their documents out of their site. So - we've released a new way to do that - using a new PHP proxying protocol and app-image bundled into a single-click installable Nextcloud app (we will be bringing this to other PHP solutions soon too). This is a quick presentation on how this works, and where we are at now.

2020 October 15 - 15:30
30 min
Room 2
Appealing Libreoffice: Ease of Use, Design and Accessibility

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