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from Collabora

Michael is a Christian and enthusiastic Open Source developer. He is the General Manager of Collabora Productivity, leading our Collabora Office and Online products, supporting customers and consulting on development alongside an extremely talented team. He serves as a Director of the The Document Foundation, and on the LibreOffice Engineering Steering Committee; he has contributed to both ODF and OOXML standardization. Prior to Collabora he was a Novell/SUSE Distinguished Engineer working on various pieces of Free Software infrastructure across the Linux stack to MeeGo, GNOME, CORBA, Nautilus, Evolution and Open Source accessibility, among others.

Come and hear about the economic problem space around LibreOffice, hear some of the constraints, and catch a vision for how we as a community can harness and benefit from the raw power of the free market to help turbo-charge our mission.

Understand why some of the obvious approaches bring unexpected downsides and explore the alternative possibilities as well as examples of how other projects structure themselves.

See how we can build a model whereby volunteers and ecosystem entities work alongside each other to drive the success of LibreOffice.

2020 October 17 - 15:15
30 min
Room 1
Advocating, Promoting, Marketing LibreOffice