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Indigenous people in Taiwan have been in a socioeconomically disadvantaged position due to the mistakes made by the government and the dominant class. The native languages were replaced by Mandarin and then marginalized by the technology.

Last year at LiboCon, we presented an idea of making LibreOffice the best tool for young members of Taiwanese indigenous communities to learn native languages. To make this idea a reality, it requires participation from not only the community of LibreOffice but also indigenous peoples. Since the overlap between the two groups is small, making collaboration smooth becomes an important topic.

In this brief talk, we would like to highlight some questions we are facing. What lessons have we learned throughout the year? Is there any kind of knowledge of indigenous/native people we should possess before the project starts? Do we need "cultural sensitivity" to work with indigenous communities?

2020 October 16 - 11:00
15 min
Room 1
Localization, Documentation and Native Language Projects

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