Presented by:

Vasily Melenchuk

from CIB software GmbH
  • Software Engeneer @ CIB software GmbH for > 10 years
  • LibreOffice Certified Developer

Michael Stahl

from CIB labs GmbH

Joined the Sun Hamburg Writer team in 2007, and quarreling with various parts of OOo/LO since then; nowadays fixing bugs our customers need fixed in LibreOffice, employed by CIB labs GmbH.

LibreOffice 7.0 had a ton of fixes done by CIB software in the area of interoperability. Most of the work done was for better DOCX format support - but the results are not limited to thar! Here we will try to give an overview what nice things happened in this area, interesting and crazy document format feature. We will also try to share some ideas helpful in diagnosing interoperability problems. CET Time

2020 October 17 - 14:00
30 min
Room 1
Open Document Format, Document Liberation and Interoperability

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