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Marina Latini

from SUSE software solutions Germany GmbH

Marina Latini AKA deneb_alpha, studied Computer Science at the University of Perugia, and is a free software advocate since 2007, promoting free software and open standards. In 2010, she was one of the first Italian members of the LibreOffice community. She has also been an active member of the Fedora Project from 2009 to 2013, and an openSUSE board member in the term started on February 2019. Marina co-founded Associazione LibreItalia and has been involved in several events, migrations and training related to LibreOffice. She worked previously at migrations and trainings to LibreOffice for several Public Administrations and private customers. From January 2020 she works at SUSE as Software Release Engineer and when she is not following her passion for computers and for Geeko she is a mad goalkeeper, an astronomy geek (which is where her nickname originates from) and plays the accordion.

Axel got in contact with Linux end of 1992, while it was still experimental (Kernel 0.9x). Complete migration to S.u.S.E. 5.3 end of the 90's, after is became obvious that the previously used OS/2 has no future. Focus was the use of OpenSource in business and on the Desktop: Next to his 'Linux on a ThinkPad' Website, lauched in 2001 (, SAP's Linux-plans were analyzed (R/3 auf Linux – Vollmundiges Marketing, halbherziger Support, Computerwoche 34/1999) and the experiences made in running the own company on Linux were reported on a Conference (OpenSource meets Business Conference January 2007). Axel is member of the openSUSE project board and maintains various packages, like hylafax+, the Tryton ERP System, GNU Health and the GNU Health Live CD.

Vinzenz Vietzke

from TUXEDO Computers

I am the tech lead for bringing openSUSE on TUXEDO Computers. Starting with just one laptop we now offer around 20 different models plus a wide range of desktop PCs all with openSUSE Leap 15 pre-installed - and free lifetime support! Of course our free phone/email tech support team is trained for openSUSE as well.

In addition I'm the pushing person at TUXEDO Computers to make our company step up as sponsor for openSUSE. We offer any of our top models as demo and workshop devices at no cost. Furthermore we're sponsoring oSC19 in Nuremberg with demo and install fest machines.

Besides that I'm taking care for translations of upstream Xfce, actively translating openSUSE and quite a lot of other projects.

Gerald has a long history in open source software starting before that term was coined and still contributes to key projects such as GCC, LibreOffice, and Wine - and openSUSE of course. He's using Tumbleweed and LibreOffice on his notebook every day and dislikes breaking software, but still does so on a regular base and is most grateful to openQA for keeping him safe.

As CTO at SUSE Dr. Gerald Pfeifer leverages his deep understanding of infrastructure software, developers and open source ecosystems, and their respective business and technology aspects to help articulate, drive and promote SUSE's technology vision. He engages with customers, partners and open source communities along the way and chairs the board of openSUSE.

Simon Lees

from SUSE Linux

I am a Software Engineer based in Australia, I have been working on openSUSE for 6 years maintaining the Enlightenment desktop and several other packages, I have also been active in the community both on IRC and mailing lists, in more recent times I have also become a member of the package review team. I have spent the last year working at SUSE as a packager and outside of this have interests in topics such as desktop design as well as robotics and electronics.

This is the annual discussion between the Community and the openSUSE board.

In this session the board will also share an update of the ongoing projects.

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2020 October 16 - 21:00
1 h
Workshop Room