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pingou is a software developer working at Red Hat for the Fedora Infrastructure. He has been leading the pagure project among others and is thrilled to talk to you about them!

Neal is a developer and contributor in Fedora, Mageia, and openSUSE, focusing primarily on the base Linux system components, such as package and software management. He's a big believer in "upstream first", which has led him all over the open source world.

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Pagure is a light-weight, git-centric forge where project can grow, team collaborate and benefit from a modern development workflow, be that in the open or behind the firewall of a company.

As every year pagure has seen quite a few changes happening. It gained a number of new features: light weight kanban board, customization of the new issue page, long lived API token, collaborators, git push via http and some more. We would like to have a review of the latest change made to pagure as well as give some hints about its roadmap.

2020 October 16 - 20:30
30 min
Room 2
Open Source

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    2020 October 16 20:30

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