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Born in Russian Federation, moved to Germany to get master degree in Computer Science. Rodion has over 10 years working experience in different roles in software engineering industry. Currently works as a Quality Assurance engineer and is fascinated about high quality products which make people lives better. Strongly believes in knowledge sharing and open source projects and is one of the ways to pay back to the community as an IT specialist.

libyui is a library which allows writing applications in ruby and then run them in ncurses or qt for no additional costs. Before, there was no specialized framework for the integration tests. libyui-rest-api and client ruby library allows writing tests using rspec and significantly reduce maintenance of the tests in comparison to screen based testing tools. The solution allows to query the UI properties over HTTP using a REST API. This allows to automate the UI interaction steps and avoid screen-based tools. The API allows reading properties of the UI, so the displayed values can be validated. It also allows interacting with the UI: clicking buttons, toggling check boxes, entering text. In combination with client tests we can write scalable tests and validate UI in details.

During this talk we will learn how the framework works and how it can be used to test YaST applications. We also will briefly cover testing on different stages of the development cycle in context of YaST modules, rspec and libyui.

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2020 October 15 - 18:00
15 min
Room 2
Quality Assurance