Presented by:

Johannes Segitz

from SUSE

Security engineer at SUSE.

Since my time as a teenager in the 90s I was interested in IT security. After visiting my first CCC congress I got hooked and never looked back. In the last ten years I am a member of the SUSE security team and try to make open source software more secure.

Marcus Meissner

from SUSE

Marcus was born in 1973. He studied computer science in Erlangen, Germany and finished with Diploma. He worked for Caldera from 1999 until the closure of Caldera Linux Business in 2002. He is working for SUSE since 2002, and in the security team since 2004. He has lead the team until begin of 2013 and is now the security project manager. He also is part of the openSUSE Maintenance team and works on a lot of openSUSE packages. In his spare time he is a gphoto (digital camera access library) and Wine developer.

The SUSE security team has various tasks and a lot of them affect (and benefit) openSUSE. In this talk we will show that the security team does and how that helps openSUSE.

We will cover how we ensure known security issues are fixed and what we do to harden the default security posture of openSUSE.

2020 October 16 - 12:30
30 min
Room 1

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