Presented by:

Michael Stahl

from CIB labs GmbH

Joined the Sun Hamburg Writer team in 2007, and quarreling with various parts of OOo/LO since then; nowadays fixing bugs our customers need fixed in LibreOffice, employed by CIB labs GmbH.

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Word fields are far more flexible than ODF/Writer fields - to most users, the additional expressiveness doesn't matter, but for some specialized use cases, Writer is limited. Writer had a rudimentary implementation of Word compatible fields for about 10 years, but it never worked well. We have added the ability to round-trip nested Word fields in RTF/DOCX formats, and fixed a bunch of long standing bugs along the way. CET Time

2020 October 15 - 16:00
15 min
Room 2
Development, APIs, Extensions, Future Technology

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    2020 October 15 16:00

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