Presented by:

Ish Sookun

from La Sentinelle Ltd

I work for La Sentinelle Ltd as a Systems Architect. I am passionate about Linux & OSS. I've been around the openSUSE community since 2009, organizing openSUSE installfests in Mauritius and talk at local meetups/conferences. I manage openSUSE mirrors in Mauritius and South Africa. If you'd like to sponsor a mirror in Africa, let's talk,

Podman is an open source container management tool that allows the creation and management of OCI compliant containers. In this presentation, we will cover quick basics of containers, get an overview of the building blocks (e.g Linux namespaces), look at the OCI Image Manifest Specification and conclude by looking at a few Podman commands that will enable us to build & run containers.

The presentation will be an improvement over the previous presentation which I did for the openSUSE Asia Summit about openSUSE MicroOS - Managing Pods & Containers. It will borrow some ideas from the previous presentation and then build up on those for users to have a better understanding on how containers are able to do the magic that they do.

2020 October 15 - 13:30
30 min
Room 1
Cloud and Containers

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