Presented by:

Sarah Julia Kriesch

from Consultant at Accenture

Sarah Julia Kriesch is an educated Computer Science Expert for System Integration and is graduated by the Nuremberg Institute of Technology. She wrote her Bachelor Thesis at IBM and has been working as a Senior Consultant at Accenture. Sarah is openSUSE Member. She contributes to the s390x port of openSUSE.

Most Developers have got only their own hardware for development and are not able to test for other architectures. You will receive an introduction of how to test applications without any expensive Z system on your own PC with openSUSE for s390x. That will start with easy Z emulations and will be followed with a combination together with QEMU and container technologies. So you can have faster deployments at the end.

2020 October 15 - 18:15
30 min
Room 2
Development, APIs, Extensions, Future Technology