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Jun Nogata

from LibreOffice Japanese Team

I'm a part-time lecturer at a local university in Himeji, Japan, and an activist in FLOSS, open data and open culture. The communities I join are Debian JP, LILO (Kansai area Linux users group), LibreOffice Japanese Team, and Code for Harima. TDF Certified trainer. OpenStreetMap mapper.

In 2015, Impress template (Alizarin and Midnight blue) I created was included in LibreOffice 4.4. And some of my design concepts were accepted in the LibreOffice 5.0 branding contest.

I joined the LibreOffice Japanese Team in 2017. I'm working on marketing/SNS manager and graphic design and some Japanese translations.

In 2019, I was certified as a LibreOffice Trainer at the LibreOffice Asia Conference. I was interviewed for a Community member monday.

In 2020, I did graphic design for fontwork in LibreOffice 7.0.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

The LibreOffice community in Japan was active early on, but no one was in touch with marketing. As a result, LibreOffice was not generally known.

I'll talk about what I did in marketing LibreOffice in Japan and what the Japanese market needs after I joined the LibreOffice Japanese team.

2020 October 17 - 10:30
30 min
Room 2
Advocating, Promoting, Marketing LibreOffice

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    2020 October 17 10:30

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